permissions settings

… info about who can edit what, where, and why…

there are 3 categories of pages that can be created:

  1. default pages
  2. community-access pages
  3. gsa pages

and 3 levels of membership:

  1. members
  2. moderators
  3. admins

admins are by default gsa officers and can basically do anything they want, hopefully judiciously, and will be the only members to add/edit gsa pages.

most people will be site members with the ability to:

  • create default and community-access pages
  • edit default pages they create
  • edit any community-access page
  • move/rename default and community-access pages they create
  • delete default and community-access pages they create
  • has no file uploading/renaming/replacing/moving/deleting permissions

active members feel free to ask to become site moderators who have many permissions of admins other than site manager features


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