page tutorial

… notes on making and maintaining pages

creating pages

before starting, check what kind of membership you have and the associated permissions.

with that info, decide which type of page you want to create listed below:

  1. default
  2. community-access
  3. gsa

in the text block for creating a page, the following inputs are appropriate for each type of page where italics represent the probable title of the page:

  1. anything
  2. community-access:anything
  3. gsa:anything

editing pages

first, learning the syntax is necessary. you can go to the test page to preview code. here are some other helpful links for reference, examples, etc.

also, for any page you navigate to within this website, you can check the code clicking the src link at the top of the left navigation bar. more likely than not, you can copy and paste code that works for your purposes.

linking pages

to help organize your page in relation to the website as a whole, site maps are often used. below are instructions to link your created page:

  1. in the bottom right of the web page, click the +options link
  2. click the parent page name link
  3. type the title of an existing page you believe your page is sub-categorized in

for example, this page's title is: page tutorial, and its parent page title is: editing.

another example for different types of pages:

the test page who's title is: community access:test page, (because it's permissions are for any member to edit). its parent page title is also: editing

if you think your page is unique and does not fit into any existing pages' general, please contact an admin so they can help organize your page.

page tagging

i've never really used this feature, but help tagging pages is always welcome =).


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