meetings info

next meeting date

  • general mtg open to all grad students Friday, April 3rd… exact locale tbd

last meeting date

  • Feb. 27, 2008- officer meeting and all that fun stuff

meeting minutes

date minutes attendees
September 3, 2008 /gsa:gsa-documents/2008-09-03 mtg.doc Karin Groth, Ryan Lucas, Heather Bryan, Joel Beutel, henry
July 28, 2008 /gsa:gsa-documents/2008-07-28 mtg.doc Dorie Beals, Rob Root, Gyami Shrestha, Heather Bryan, Ryan Lucas, Alisa Keyser, henry, and (?)
January 16, 2009 /gsa:gsa-documents/2008-01-16 mtg.pdf Ryan, Amy, Debbie, Gyami, Alisa
February 27, 2009 /gsa:gsa-documents/2009-02-27_mtg.pdf Ryan, Gyami, Amy, Joel, Henry


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