it committee

committee summary
meets sporadically, (once in 2007-2008 academic year), to discuss high level design principles, and hopefully will move to more focused discussions to ensure graduate students' needs from IT.

2008-2009: committee has changed roles into an advisory committee to streamline decision processes while granting representation. goals are to steer IT directives- less so for individual IT issues- although that can also aid in defining directives.

meeting notes

- 1/16/2009

attendee henry pai
summary meeting focused on overall methodology (feedback systems and project prioritization) & project summaries and accomplishments
grad student needs data websites and data backup were again presented- Prof. Spivey helped voice issues, but again the meeting focused on system level scope… IT hopes to create backbone to serve all constituents… aka myucm
opinion although grad students needs are valid, IT is looking long term into fulfilling needs by creating backbone for smaller individual projects like these. Unfortunately IT does not provide much alternative in the meanwhile. I personally suggest looking for a free web hosting/publishing services like this site… (sorry, but i value more on content than the formality of a web url- this may be subject to less security, so i'd be wary of putting sensitive personal info). As for data backups, i again suggest using web services such as Windows SkyDrive (25 gb total capacity, 50 mb individual file size… Google GDrive is "supposed" to show in 2009).
documents 2009-01-16_ITACMtg.pdf

- 4/30/2008

attendee henry pai
summary meeting focused on reorganizing IT principles to increase communication & efficiency between academic, administration, research, and IT units
grad student needs personal websites and data backup were presented, but IT structure for it needs to be implemented probably on the research backbone, (i.e. the meeting's scope was too large to address needs in near future)
documents 2008-04-30_ITRetreat_Summ.pdf


document description
07-08_ITAnnRep.pdf annual report for fy 07-08
2009-02_ITsummTable.pdf summary table of personal help IT can provide for a given OS
08-09_ITprojectList.pdf example of ever-changing list of items IT works on
08-09_ITorgChart.pdf list of staff for 2008-2009
08-09_ITACdesc.pdf in order to more efficiently communicate with IT, ITAC was formed to voice opinions from representative groups… document with short description
08-09_ITACmembers.pdf 2008-2009 ITAC reps
2009-02-25_ITTownHallMtg.pdf public forum to update everyone on IT and take suggestions


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