gsa announcements


Posted example of requirements needed for travel grant. This is the Fall 2008 Travel Award Announcement with requirements:
/gsa:gsa-documents/2008 Fall- GSA Travel Award.pdf

The Spring 2009 travel grant announcement will be added shortly. Note, this fund is for those who do not have other sources of travel funding.

letter sent to Chancellor Kang about grad student parking

document: /gsa:gsa-documents/2008gsa_parking_letter.pdf

spring 2008 referendum results

fee type fee amount (in $) Yay Nay
health services fee 50 35 10
transportation fee 35 31 14
student life fee 10 34 8
associated students fee 15 37 8
recreation fee 146 35 10

ballot document: /gsa:gsa-documents/2008ballot.txt


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