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committees # grad reps rep names admin contact
student fees 2 Ryan Lucas, Liz Duran jlawrence AT ucmerced DOT edu
referendum fee 1 Beth Hernandez cnies AT ucmerced DOT edu
student affairs 2 Eve Delfin, Lynnette Ramirez jlawrence AT ucmerced DOT edu
intercultural task force 1 Martha Acevedo, Sandra Villamizar cnies AT ucmerced DOT edu
student union planning 1 David Gravano lcurl AT ucmerced DOT edu
health care 1-2 Heidi Dietrich, Justin Hicks ?
child care 1 Robert Root sjohnston AT ucmerced DOT edu
chancellor's sustainability 2 Nelson Rivera, Gyami Shrestha, Peter Kirchner? bsamualson AT ucmerced DOT edu
university conduct 1 Steve Minter, Debye Conte ?
EVC budget 1 Dorothy Beals ?
graduate & research council 1 Dorothy Beals ?
CARPA 1 Nelson Rivera ?
strategic planning (SAP) 1 Gyami Shrestha, Peter Kirchner? ?
lab safety 1 Robert Root ?
bookstore advisory committee 1 ? kstorms AT ucmerced DOT edu
dining services advisory board 1 ? ?
student recreation advisory board 1 Sarah Martin ddunham AT ucmerced DOT edu
transportation and parking advisory 1 Beth Hernandez ravalle AT ucmerced DOT edu
information technology advisory 1 henry pai fgorham AT ucmerced DOT edu
web portal advisory 1 ? fgorham AT ucmerced DOT edu
research day ? David Gravano Sam Traina

reference: /gsa:gsa-documents/2008committee_list.doc


Grad Member Ryan Lucas
Committee Summary This committee met once in the fall semester and three to four times in the spring. The committee reviews and makes suggestions for campus unit budgets that recieve student registration fees and campus based student fees.


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