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What can i say… this site may have been aiming a little high… forum and place for GSA may have been a little much for one website to handle. So the new website without a forum but mainly for the GSA to relay important information to y'all will be found here.

I'll try to keep this site up =)!

new gsa website by hanksterhankster, 20 Aug 2009 01:15

It has been rumored that you can get a free locker if you commute by bike to campus. It has been recently discovered that the rumors are true, but not well publicized. Contact David Noble and he will give you a card that is signed in every time you ride to school by the person at the front desk in the rec center. After 20 rides, you will be given a free locker (not day use only) that you can use. This is not a day use locker so you will be able to store your valuables overnight without fear. Spread the word to anyone who rides to campus and is stinky.

so, since TAPS can't solve all our problems (dang budget), maybe we- those w/ vehicles- can service those in need via carpools and meet some nice folks along the way =)!

i live in the village terrace apts. i have flexible hours starting from 10-noon for 8-12 hrs- (no problems with rigidity in schedule). Sometimes i have field work starting early morning (warning of morning grumpiness).

i'm pretty responsive @ hpai [AT] ucmerced [DOT] edu… (unless i'm in the field).


carpool interim by hanksterhankster, 16 May 2009 06:11

Passed on from Rachael, and in happenings. Original post was from UC Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation.

email link


Funding Opportunities by hanksterhankster, 17 Jan 2009 20:36

Posted example of requirements needed for travel grant. This is the Fall 2008 Travel Award Announcement with requirements:

The Spring 2009 travel grant announcement will be added shortly. Note, this fund is for those who do not have other sources of travel funding.

Travel Awards by hanksterhankster, 17 Jan 2009 01:44
hanksterhankster 13 Nov 2008 04:19
in discussion general discussion / grad corner » UCM IT

ok… see if anyone responds =).

the IT advisory committee is meeting for a hour and a half monday 12/8. feel free to pass along any questions, concerns, suggestions.

UCM IT by hanksterhankster, 13 Nov 2008 04:19

Circle of DEATH! …and down the toilet we go.

End scene.

Act II - Stopping emails about stopping emails about email.

Act III - Stopping emails about stopping emails about stopping emails about email.

Ahhhhh, I can't get out…. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Can I just say that I think it's hilarious that people are getting upset? To Richard Ravalli, I'd just like to say this: clarity rating = 1

Well done.

Originally, the plan was for electoral votes to go to the greatest minds of our time (=scientists, philosophers, probably not historians though) The majority vote was supposed to be taken into account, but the vote was ultimately up to that individual. While this didn't work out, I agree with Liz that we should be having open discussions about politics in the streets, over email, on forums, in classes. It is our responsibility as intellectuals.

Also, isn't it an oxymoron that people keep emailing saying people should stop emailing? It really makes me want to send an email saying to stop emailing about stopping emailing. And thus, the circle continues going round and round and round…

I agree with Justin… just press the delete/spam button and get over it. We get tons of useless e-mails a day we should all have lots of practice in deleting e-mails we don't care to read.

In addition, I think that a discussion between intelligent and respectful people is exactly what our campus needs and frankly what has been missing in our political system.


To all who are interested:

1) A UC listserve was not used to send the original email (check the source header).
2) All UCM email addresses are freely available from the UCM homepage directory.

My opinions:
1) If you take issue with your email address being publicly displayed, I suggest you contact UCM IT and request that your contact information be removed from the public directory, otherwise when you receive an email you don't want… use your delete/spam button like the rest of us.
2) I wish you well in your attempt to solve ANY "unwanted email" problem by begging those who send them to stop, good luck with that.


so, the letter got passed along and was handled by the person in charge at TAPS, Karin Groth.

essentially, they, members of the transportation committee, originally were planning to not let any grad student park in the Science and Engineering Lot, but the grad student rep., Justin Matthews, effectively argued for TA's to retain the spots because they have similar responsibilities.

GSA members, including myself, met with Karin in our last meeting, and came to the general consensus that parking for grad students will probably align more with undergrad students than faculty/staff like most of the other UC's…

i believe grad students will have priority when requesting commuter passes, *hopefully*, if these become harder to get approval for in the future.

otherwise that's all i've heard from that front!


Re: GSR parking problem by hanksterhankster, 26 Sep 2008 02:51

Is there any news regarding to the letter sent to Chancellor Kang about grad student parking in June?? Did he or anyone responsible on this issue replied to the concerns in one way or another?

GSR parking problem by gorkemgorkem, 25 Sep 2008 21:27

karin groth is in charge of making the schedule. gyami is talking to her. i think teaming up with the county bus was one way to reach more people.

i'm not clear as to how the schedule was decided on, but i've "heard" the uc made deals with the villages and granville- probably smart to encourage more efficient transport from concentrated living areas except that granville is way out of the way. seems like no easy fix since the uc is way off in a corner and not centralized… more coverage probably means the longer the route into the city (from what i hear ~40+ minutes).


Re: CatTracks Routes by hanksterhankster, 21 Sep 2008 08:39

Why is it that "The Bus" (the city bus line) is able to run on time, but the CatTracks is not? Who do I complain to about this? Also, who do I speak to (constructively of course) to get some routes that get to more people in town, such as anyone who doesn't live in some village, or along Yosemite?

CatTracks Routes by cbutlercbutler, 19 Sep 2008 22:45

In response to the lack of bus route coverage in town and because some on campus students have to park at the Tri-college, TAPS is issuing a FREE 31 day pass that is good on the city lines "The Bus" (I do like saying that; The Bus). You will need to go into the TAPS office, and show them your cat card, and they will give you a pass for "The Bus". The pass is good for unlimited transfers (rides) for 31 days from the first time you swipe it. After that you will need to go into the TAPS office and get a new "The Bus" pass. This will allow you to utilize a UCM route (route 22) that goes between Merced College, and UCM with stops at the Tri-college center, and Starbucks on Yosemite.
The catch to this is that TA's do not get a FREE pass. They are considered faculty/staff, and have to pay for it ($30).
Just thought you might like to know.

FREE "The Bus" pass by cbutlercbutler, 19 Sep 2008 22:41

ok, graduate student association (GSA) meeting minutes are posted here:

… so it "seems" like we're doing something =p

Re: henry's updates by hanksterhankster, 11 Sep 2008 00:21

k, forgot to mention…

you'll sign a sheet, and no money needs to be brought initially. parking fee will be automatically deducted from your paycheck monthly ($30/mo).

you can pick them up at the TAPS office (next to the police station near S&E building and parking lot). Just say you're a TA to a TAPS person.

the parking permits are purple.

TA parking permit fall 2008 by hanksterhankster, 22 Aug 2008 00:22

ok, major site re-organization is complete (check site map). most of the pages are barren, but the categories are there. top bar navigation tools were removed and updates about the page are initially hidden instead of blurting out at you initially on the homepage. see if it flies with the officers… feel free to let me know what ya thinks =).

Re: henry's updates by hanksterhankster, 17 Jul 2008 05:21
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