… as forum discussions find somewhat organized solutions to the hassles in our lives, we can formalize it to this page or create new pages under this category =).

(opinions in parentheses)

from the many ucm websites

  • ucmcrops- (ahh, place to go for info that the school has about you; hate the navigation, but this is probably the best resource)
  • registrar- (important info for registration deadlines and class schedules)
  • grad student life- (new grad student life website provided by the graduate division)
  • office of student life- (organized layout; usually have to direct an email to someone for more info though)
  • ucm off campus housing- (good, but open access; not great selection of properties at a good value… craigslist isn't that great here for housing either)
  • open ta positions- (no complaints from me)

other links

  • Heritage Management Group- (manager of decent apartment complexes closest to ucm; free plug since i've been living in their apts for past couple yrs)
  • Amtrak- (i take this to LA maybe 3-4 times a yr… i hate driving; Merced station ID: MCD)
  • BART- (i don't like parking in SF, so i drive to Dublin/Pleasanton station, then BART my way in =])
  • Cat Tracks- (school bus website; seems to update after the semester is in a couple weeks and not sure who chooses the stops; take the pains with the pleasures)


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