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…to the ucm graduate student wiki maintained by the graduate student association (gsa) officers.

this wiki is a place to post questions/answers/comments in the forums or if y'all get ambitious, create a page and share info to fellow grads on a wiki page you can create and maintain.

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NEWS: new graduate student association website to provide cleaner communications from GSA to y'all =)

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new gsa website

20 Aug 2009 01:15, by hanksterhankster, Comments: 0

What can i say… this site may have been aiming a little high… forum and place for GSA may have been a little much for one website to handle. So the new website without a forum but mainly for the GSA to relay important information to y'all will be found here.

I'll try to keep this site up =)!

Funding Opportunities

17 Jan 2009 20:36, by hanksterhankster, Comments: 0

Passed on from Rachael, and in happenings. Original post was from UC Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation.

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Travel Awards

17 Jan 2009 01:44, by hanksterhankster, Comments: 0

Posted example of requirements needed for travel grant. This is the Fall 2008 Travel Award Announcement with requirements:

The Spring 2009 travel grant announcement will be added shortly. Note, this fund is for those who do not have other sources of travel funding.

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